Mourning Google Reader

Interesting editorial in ReadWrite on the demise of Google Reader. I have always preferred RSS to social media when it comes to information gathering. Twitter’s too ADD for me. I don’t see the point in petitioning Google to keep it alive – it will be better to end their dominance in RSS and let other hungrier, more innovative companies swoop in and evolve it. Hopefully we’ll see some movement in this technology soon.


Epic Headliner Replacement Project – Part 1

BMW’s have a common problem – the headliners sink as they age. My 2000 540i has been experiencing this problem for a while – since before I bought it earlier this year. After getting quotes between $500-$700 from local upholstery shops and more than $1,500 from a local dealer, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I bought a kit from a specialty store in south Georgia that included a large roll of replacement headliner, glue and some special instructions. I experimented with wire brushes and no solvent, and quickly found that got me nowhere. I ended up using Goof Off professional strength to separate the gooey cat hair-like material from the plastic.

540i Headliner

Sagging headliner as shown after the removal of the rear C-panel and the grab handle.









Yes, the Goof Off did some minor damage the plastic piece, but it couldn’t have looked worse than it did originally, and you have to get that cat hair fuzz off of the plastic for the glue to adhere properly when you replace the material.


Peel back the grey material, and there's a cat hair-like mess underneath.


C-Pillars before and after the glue stripping process















Next step: putting new headliner material on the C-pillars.

I love

I really do. I’m shopping for a new set of tires for my E39 BMW, and stumbled across a massive set of helpful articles on’s web site. For a couple of weeks, I’ve heavily used the site to search for tires, but never noticed the great content. What a great treasure trove of information about buying tires. If you’re buying tires or just bought a set, you should check out these articles.

I don’t know about you, but not once in all the times I’ve bought tires, has an installer ever told me you should break in new tires for 500 miles.